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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Vegetarian Fox

Here are some better pictures from an illustration exercise we did yesterday. We had a day to draw 7 spreads for a story we got (that we wrote 1 sentence each). With the time restriction we got we had no time to think too much whether it looks good or not, but rather expressive and focusing on the bigger picture.This is more or less the original text i got: " Once upon a time there was a lamb who combs its hair everyday because she wants to be pretty. One day a vegetarian fox stole her long hair and wore it so he can eat grass all day. He made friends with the bunnies but just when they thought he was a friend, the fox ate them all. The moral of the story is no matter what you wear you can never disguise your real self, especially when you're a vegetaran fox - and no fox can be a vegetarian."
As u can see this is more like a draft, but I really enjoyed being able to loosen up my stiffness and my habit of trying to make things perfect from drawing with the tablet all the time.