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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I did on my birthday

Here is what I did on Feb 1st, 2009.
To conclude the illustration course, we had one and a half week to illustrate 3 articles, and we had 4 to choose from - the financial crisis continues, the pope on youtube, factories paying green tax, and the hypochondriacs. At first I struggled to come up with good ideas..then I had an idea about financial crisis, a time when parents regret having so many kids..and the kids turns into disgusting pink baby birds (somebody told me they look like rats).

Feb 2nd..
the ex- hypochondriac is able to give birth to himself on a hospital bed by crawl out from his diseased skin

and Feb 3rd
Instead of going to the church on Sunday, hardcore catholics are having a meeting at an internet cafe watching the Vatican Youtube channel.

After reading Nate William's Article about starting an illustration career, I'm once again lead back to the same old dilemma...which is commiting to a consistent style. As an artist I have been telling myself that it is okay to experiment. In fact I've been experimenting for years..I can switch to a totally new style every time and I get bored easily, but when it comes to looking for work, I never realized the importance of sticking to a certain style.........they called it "branding" (very business-like). So here's the 2nd poster I did for Staggered Works. Again, it's something different from what I usually do (What do I usually do?). At least I haven't done collages in a while.


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Thomas Mikkelsen said...

Oh, so that was the most memorable thing you did on your birthday. I'm so happy for you):

btw, I think you made the collage Becky Cloonish on purpose, so that I would like it. I got you figured all out.