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Sunday, February 22, 2009

swans swans swans

The illustration course in Designskolen Kolding really opened up a lot of possibilities for my art practice. As I hid myself in my room and work my ass off these few days, new palettes and styles and ideas suddenly came to me and things seemed to be not as difficult as I thought, then I realized its because I often think too much even before I start something, so I always try to meet my own expectations while I recreate the image that was in my head. It feels good to not think too much and just go with the flow no matter what you're dealing with. Here is this week's concert poster:

The band, Spectral Empire is into retro sci fi stuff, so I did a little research on sci fi record covers and came up with these alien (not?) swans. I was going to draw some small humans at the bottom too but it gets too crowded. Anyway this is another digital painting, but I promised myself that I will start with ink or water color next time before I bring it into the computer.

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Thomas Mikkelsen said...

Giant swans? Thats from the blood brothers song I made you listen to. It is still stuck in your head. Ha Ha, you really love hardcore!!