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Monday, November 16, 2009

self portrait and doodles

Since September I've moved into my new studio space at 221a Artist Run Center. Its been great working around a bunch of talented artist and designers. Recently, my studio-mate Sarah and I decided to come up with a bi-monthly theme to work on individually. Here's a self portrait I did as a response for the first theme : pattern. I'll explore a little more with this theme in the coming week.

Below is a small illustration to be used as part of the cover for the next issue of Ricepaper Magazine.

Also, here are some random doodles I did last weekend:


Thomas Mikkelsen said...

hate you for being so good(:

IreneSYC said...

your drawings leave me an impression of snakes that climbs out of our body slowly..the kind of snake that reflects the dark side of us.

Simone A said...

Hey Andrea thanks for your comment. Am totally smitten by your work as well actually your selfportrait is making my desktop very pretty right now :) (i hope thats ok!?)

mikkel sommer said...

Yes! I love this stuff! especially the portrait. Hope the world of freelance is treating you well, you deserve it)

onírica said...

nice blog! booming 2010!