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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fairy Tale Project

I was invited Gabrielius Mackevičius to participate in an ongoing fairytale project where each illustrator decides what's going to happen next. Here is my passage, continued from the previous illustration by Genevieve Simms (her work is amazing!):

While the two men panicked, they turned around and saw a mysterious lady with bright red lips and the voice of a cricket. She whispered into their ears,
"The crocodile's master is an Egyptian Plover who lives 5 kilometres down the stream. He used to be fed on bits of decaying meat in between the crocodile's teeth, but ever since he decided to become a vegetarian, the crocodile has been trying to bribe him to clean its teeth by bringing him exquisite treasures. If you bring him a rare and delicate fruit, he might return the coin to you in exchange." The lady leaped and vanished in the tall grass without a trace.


Patrick J. McQuade said...

Fantastic project - Great works!

dadanim said...

i love this one. nice color with beautiful story and cool character as always !!!