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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Storialist - I Know You Do

I always wonder how people relate to my personal work. One of my drawings, I Know You Do, was linked by The Storialist as an inspiration for her poem. The Storialist is Hannah Stephenson, a poet, writer, and instructor from Vancouver and now based in Los Angeles. Her poems, which I find equally inspiring,  are inspired by found images of art, photography, architecture and sculptures. Here's the poem she wrote:

I know you do sit in the warm car
and hesitate before applying key to ignition,
the still, hot air a just-filled bath.

I know you do harmonize with the dial tone
when you place the receiver against your ear.

I know you do feel unsettled
when you brush a long strand of dark hair
from the stiff wool of your coat.

I know you do wonder if you locked the door
ten paces from your home.

I know you do run a fingertip
along an image, a line of text in a book
that speaks to you,
as if to answer it.

I know, I know. You do these things
from the privacy of your brain.
But haven’t you suspected
you are being listened to, looked at.
You do.
I know you do.

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Art Blog said...

I wish i could illlustrat the images that i conjure up when reading things