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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prints and Photos

Recently I set up a store on Copenhagen based agency, The products I'm selling are pretty much the same as what I'm selling on Big Cartel, but as I get more prints I'll continue to to add more on Art Rebels. I'm also selling 2 new prints in the stores - Fairy Tale and X

Can't believe that its mid June already! I've been chilling too much this month, laying on the beach and taking walks around the city.  Summer in Vancouver has always been nice despite the occasional showers, but I'm also looking forward to San Franciso next week.


Maria-Inés said...

Ive just met your stuff and all i can say is that im officially in love love love
keep drawing!

Marco Crupi said...

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I have added in the favorite, I would like an exchange links with you.