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Friday, November 25, 2011

Observance Group Show/The East Side Culture Crawl/Print on the Nose Exhibition

Last week was an intense week with 2 openings. My apologies to those I haven't had a chance to write back to. Here's what I've been working on:

Observance- A group show at Kafka's with 2 talented ladies, Sibel Duzenli and Ola Volo curated by Michael Schwartz. The art will be up till next year! 

The following 3 days after the opening of Observance was the East Side Culture Crawl. My studio space which I share with artists/good friends Kyu Hwang and Angelica Jang was open to public,  along with 300+ artists in the building. This was my first time participating in the culture crawl after moving into Parker studios 3 months ago.  We had an amazing weekend meeting local art lovers and speaking about our work. Here are pictures of our studio set up for the crawl taken by One Strange Morning:

My paintings

Kyu Hwang's lovely clouds and whales

Shi-Won Jang's urbanscapes

Our print corner

Last but not least, I had some small drawings and prints in a group show at Swop Art Gallery in Stockholm last month, curated by the talented Peter Larson and Anna Ekholm. Here are a few pictures from the show taken by my friend Sandra Ljung.

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Chris Geer said...

I Want To See More! This Is Great stuff.