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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Berlin Update

It has been two months since I relocated to Berlin. Besides exploring the new city and working on illustration assignments, I've been experimenting with bigger scale paintings and new mediums. Below is my first experiment with spray cans at an abandoned hospital. My bearded boy with the dolphin hat is giving a thumb up for my spray painting teacher Rylsee, who did the graffiti in the second image below.

About a week ago I did another mural collaboration with Rylsee. The mural is at the RAW area next to Warschauer Strasse subway station facing a new bar. It was my pleasure to showcase my mural with a group of amazing talents including Johannes NachnameBlo, IrghJames Bullough, and Addison Karl. On the opposite side of the arches is a big mural outside a new bar.

Below are some images from last weekend. I was invited to the PICTOBELLO festival held in a beautiful small town in Switzerland called Vevey, which is known for its art and culture. 20 artists had a day to paint on 6 by 4 ft panels around downtown, followed by an opening reception the same night.  The list of participating artists and finished pieces can be found on the Pictobello website.

Below is a video filmmed and directed by my friend Gabee-FYI, documenting the Motel Campo mural collaboration I did with Rylsee. Gabee is an amazing photographer who can capture the beauty of urban decay.  Check out his blog here. Also we would like to thank TANZ-TANZ for making the music for this video.

Here's a new 12 x16" painting for the ISM 10 years exhibtion in Santa Ana. The exhibiton will be held at the Grand Central Art Center from July 7 to Auguest 4th. Some of the participating artists includes Dadu ShinCraig Bowers and Dan Matutina.

Last but not least, I've been doing on these small weekly illustrations for The New York Times' One Page Magazine accompanying witty short fictions written by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Some of the photos above are taken from my Instagram, @andrea_wan

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WAAAAAAAAAA i LOVE the b&w one with musical instruments!!