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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Upcoming Exhibition at Rabbit Eye Movement

I'll be exhibiting some new works at my next solo exhibition, Mirror Mirror, in Vienna. The show will be at my friend Nycho's gallery - Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space. Looking forward to it!

Working mostly with ink on paper, Andrea Wan sees her work as a visual journal that reflects her thoughts and experiences. Her drawings combine traditional narrative aesthetics with eerie and surrealist qualities, depicting a world with great sensibility. Andrea finds inspiration by looking outwards to observe her surroundings such as people and places, and looking introspectively into the obscure corners of her subconscious. She believes that our internal and external worlds simultaneously influences and reflects one another, communicating using clues and metaphors, our subconscious dropping hints into our waking life, causing moments of synchronicity. Her new series, Mirror Mirror, explores the dialog between these two coexisting realms with curiosity.

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