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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nylon Magazine Illustration

This is a new illustration I did for Nylon Magazine's May 2010 Issue. The article, written by Paul Caine, is about the competitive film industry and the different ways for independent filmmakers to get their films out there. Having a background in film and animation, I feel really lucky to be able to work on this fun topic without any restrictions on the concept. The gorilla girl at the bottom is supposed to be me by the way!


mariz m said...

Nice work! I want to buy more!! Will excitedly pick it up on newsstands.

dadanim said...

nice work !! great idea !!

Sathya said...

I love this one! x

Jane said...

hi, I found you on the frankie website.
I love your illustrations!

Aron said...

I really enjoyed looking through your illustrations! The knitting one is great!

Luca Belotti said...

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Bye LB