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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby Action

Last week I helped my friend Johan on his test shoot for a kids TV program. Its a game show where the children (age 6-9) have to draw a word from a box and spin the wheel with different genres, then use the word and the genre to make a short film. They're given 15 mins to make a story, choose their own costumes, make a background for the scene and act it out themselves as we the adults help them to film. The show is totally driven by the kids and the adults are only there for technical support. Its amazing how little time they used to come up with a story.

A team of 2 boys got the word "baby" and their genre is action. They made an awesome film about a family (all members played by the same kid) arriving at Hawaii during their one-year vacation. It smells like fart in Hawaii and the family took out their guns and started shooting at the babies on the island.

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